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How to Make Life Easier With WpForms and Zapier

Do you want to automate important tasks on your WordPress site to save time and simplify your workflow?

Yes, that can be possible with Zapier. Zapier lets you connect WPForms with thousands of the most popular apps or CRM, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most, and do that no code is required.

In this post, I will share, how we can make your life easier by connecting WordPress sites to various websites, tools, and apps.

With Zapier addon you can connect your forms to over 2000+ web applications. Let’s know first in short about Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects the apps we use, like Slack, Gmail, Mailchimp, and many more. It allows you to create automated tasks between the same, or different apps.

By the use of  Zapier, you can integrate two or more two apps without any coding or developers. with Zapier just a few clicks you can automate workflows by connecting the apps and services that you use. Zapier is like the glue that connects thousands of web apps.

it’s not necessary at all you need to have any knowledge of coding to use it. With Zapier you can build processes faster and get more work done in lesser time.

Zappier is best known for the time-saving and easy integration of apps. Zapier’s web network generates a command, which we called zaps. Zap has two main parts: Trigger and action.

For example, you can set it up like that,  when receiving a lot of important emails with attachments in Gmail every. then Zapier automatically takes the action and copies the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox.

After that, the user gets an alert notification in another app, Slack, for the new file in Dropbox.

We have known about Zapier in short, now we will know How to Easier Contact Forms with WP Forms and Zapier

Through Zapier we can easily connect WPForms with our favorite application. Installing of WPForms, Zapier and the integration is very easy.

As you know Zapier is a tool that connects two different apps. It comes with the ability to automate tasks.

As informed earlier, The WPForms Zapier addon allows you to connect your forms with over 2000+ web applications using Zapier.

By adding Zapier to WordPress forms. we can do make easier some work, like:

  • Creating a new connection with customers in Stripe
  • Generating leads for sales
  • Generating invoices on FreshBooks.
  • Sending email from your outlook account
  • Creating Google contact form
  • Updating Google spreadsheet
  • Adding a reminder
  • Finding out the profile of contacts by their emails
  • Besides, adding a new one if no match is found.

Those are just a few examples, which you could do.  Zapier has more functions that you can use on your form. In WordPress Zapier’s use possibilities are endless.

How to Connect Zapier to WordPress in less time and to use it.

Zapier is a connector that you can use to connect your form to multiple web applications.

Before connecting with Zapier and WPForms we need to ensure you have the WP forms installed and activated.

Once you make ensure, after that you can go ahead with the Zapier add-on.

But before going with Zapier add-on, you have to first, Erect a Zapier account

After creating and activating the Zapier account, go to the WP form setting and click on the integration tab.


After clicking the Integrations tab you will show the option of Zapier.  for getting more details you can click this.

Here you will find a Zapier API Key, which you can use on your site.


Generate Zap in Zapier

Zapier’s web network generates a command, which we called zaps. if you want to send information from your forms to another service, so you have to create a Zap.

For that firstly log in to your Zapier account.  if you don’t have an account, so create an account first by sign up.

After logging in, you will have shown the black color plus button (+) in the upper left corner.


Go there and click the plus button.

After clicking the plus button, here will open a setup page for your new Zap.  Here you can give a name to your Zap.

This allows you to give a name by going to the top left corner of the page.

Now the next step is a consolidation of WPForms and Zapier

When you have completely done your setup,  after that you have to select the WP Forms as your first trigger app.

To choose it, you by going to the App & Events search box and can choose.

Go to the App & Event Search Box >> type “WP Forms” and click the WP Forms option.


After selecting the WPForms, Zapier will display you trigger options. Since the WP form has only one trigger option, so you click on the Continue button and proceed further.


As soon as you click on Continue, the next step you will see  Customize entry

In this option, you have to choose the form which you want to use. here you can select the form of your choice by using a dropdown button.


Now the next step is to find the data step,  The job of this is to test your connection.

And for this, it will show you two types of buttons

  1. Test and Continue button
  2. Test and Review Button

When you will select the Test and Review button, you will see the form entries. That means all the data has been pulled correctly.

When you make sure all the data has been pulled correctly. Then, you can click the Edit button.


And here if you will selected the Test & Continue button, then Zapier will test your connection and find out whether the integration is working properly or not.

If yes then this will allow you to proceed to the next step.

After complete the entries’ testing, Zapier will ask you to Choose App & Event. This app is the service you’d like to send your form entry details to.


As you know Zapier is an online automation tool that connects the apps we use. that’s it, now you can make your life easier by connecting your form to hundreds of web services through the Zapier addon in WP form.

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