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What is authorize net? is a type of payment gateway service provider, allowing merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments through their website and over an Internet Protocol (IP) connection.

Authorize net is the popular choice of payment gateway plugin when it comes to online shopping or online transactions.

It is important to provide customers with a secure payment option when it comes to online shopping. This helps make it easier to accept electronic and credit card payments in person. It makes the shopping process a stress-free part of running the business with easy ways to make payments easier which can help optimize your cash flow.

More than 4,30,000 merchants rely on it. It has been a leading provider of payment gateway services. This has truly set the standard for gateway service providers around the world.

How does authorize.Net work?

It automatically passes the transaction over a secure connection to the processor. The processor sends the transaction to the credit card interchange system. The credit card interchange system routes the transactions to the appropriate credit card issuer.

You must be aware of three basic steps for payment processing.

  1. Authorization: A customer uses their preferred payment method: credit/debit card, eCheck, or another digital option, to make a purchase. The process of checking that the customer is who they say they are and that they have sufficient funds to complete the purchase is called authorization.
  1. Capture: After verifying that the customer has adequate funds to complete the purchase, the customer’s banking institution then places a hold on those funds.
  1. Settlement: The process of sending funds from the customer’s bank account to the merchant bank account is called settlement. A payment network then handles the settlement and funds are deposited into a businesses’ checking account within two business days.

Is authorize net safe to use? is one of the safest gateways out there and has been around since 1996 helping merchants accept online payments. Authorize.Net has received 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Its service performs well and provides many additional features that make its gateway more than just a way of accepting credit cards over the Internet.

It also supports its service with excellent customer service and support. is owned by CyberSource which in turn is owned by Visa, so most people would agree that they are safe to use. also provides the tools you need to protect your online business:

  • Address Verification
  • Card Code Verification
  • Daily Velocity Filters
  • Hourly Velocity Filters
  • Amount Filters
  • Transactional IP Blocking
  • Regional IP blocking
  • Suspicious Transaction Filters
  • Shipping Address Mismatch Filters

How to use A Step by Step Guide is one of the popular choices when it comes to online payment gateways. It’s easy to get access to, all you need to do is create an merchant account and then get started with the right plugin that needs to be integrated into your store. allows merchants to accept online payments with credit cards as well as electronic check payments securely. It also has an advanced fraud detection feature. accepts payments from major credit cards such as JCB, Diner Club, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc.

There are two types of payment ways.

  1. Card Present (CP): Card Present is basically when your customers are physically present at the physical location to provide the payments at the time making payment.
  2. Card Not Present (CNP):- Card Not Present is used to accept payments electronically or precisely wherein the customers are not present physically,

Setup authorize net merchant account

Step 1: Login/Sign up  to Authorize net

Firstly visit the account. If you are a first-time user, you need to click Sign up on the page. there are three easy steps to get started.

Choose the right plan that suits your business: When you click the Sign-up, you will have some options, choose the right plan that suits your business need from the provided options.

Fill out the application: To start your account fill out the application.

Start accepting the payment: You are ready to start accepting the payment.

Step 2: Submit Data regarding your business.

After choosing the right plan, fill in the respective data regarding your business account.  after submission, you get an email for the activation link.

You can then login to your account, By default your account is in test mode, which enables you to submit test transactions to verify that, your compatible payment solution can connect to the account without depositing the actual fee.

Step 3: Test your payment connection

Now test your connection with , You can work with your payment solution developer to test your connection to After confirming your connection.
You can disable the test mode to start the process of live transactions. You can do this by dragging the slider from test mode to live mode. Remember that when you are using live mode you have to turn off test mode. test your connection live

Step 4: Transaction Processing Settings

To connect your payment solution to you need to generate an API Login ID, a transaction key, and a signature key. and add these API credentials to your payment solution. Remember these the API credentials are unique to your account and are used to identify and validate the payment solution for transaction processing. To obtain the API login ID, here are the steps to follow : generate an API Login ID

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Interface at page

Step 2: Click Account

Step 3: Go to Setting

Step 4: Under General Security Settings, click API Credentials & Keys.

Step 5: Under Create New Key, click New Transaction Key.

Step 6: Click Submit.

Step 7: When prompted, request and enter a valid PIN

Step 8:Your API Login ID and Transaction Key will appear.

After you have created your API login ID, you may not change it in the Merchant Interface. you need to contact Customer Support for updating the same or reset.

Step 5: Generating New Transaction key or a Signature Key

For the Transaction key and the Signature Key, follow these steps.

Step 1: Log in to your Merchant Interface at

Step 2: Click Account.

Step 3: Go to Settings.

Step 4: Under General Security Settings, click API Credentials & Keys.

Step 5: Under Create New Key, click New Transaction Key or New Signature Key.

Step 6: Click Submit.

Step 7: When prompted, request and enter a valid PIN for validation.

Step 8: Your Transaction Key or Setting Key appears.

Remember, if you suspect that your current keys are being used fraudulently, disable the old transaction key or disable the old signature key. And you have to deactivate the keys immediately. Otherwise, the previous transaction key or signature key remains valid for 24 hours to provide the time to change the key in your payment solution.

Step 6: Security Settings 

When we pay online, security is an important aspect of the investigation. The following features of Authorized net help prevent fraudulent transaction address verification service.

  • Address Verification Settings(AVS)
  • Card Code Verification (CVV)
  • Daily Velocity Filter

The Address verification service is a system provided by issuing banks and card associations to help identify suspicious payment card activity for e-commerce transactions.

Firstly AVS matches portions of the customer’s billing address, which is provided by the merchant, to the billing address on file with the issuing bank.

when the billing street address or ZIP code does not match the issuing bank’s record then the AVS setting is set to reject the transaction, international cards typically do not support AVS, and they are typically rejected by default.

To review and edit your AVS setting. follow these steps

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Interface at

Step 2: Click Account.

Step 3: Under Basic Fraud Settings, click Address Verification Service.

Step 4: Check or uncheck the box next to each AVS response code to indicate that you want to reject or accept transactions with that AVS response.

Click Help in the top right corner, For any questions or clarifications.

Step 7: Card Code Verification 

Card code verification (CVV) compresses the card code deposited by the customer with the card code on file with the issuing bank. The card code appears for the American Express card at the end of the signature panel on the back of the card or at the front of the card, just above the end of the credit card number. It provides security against any unauthorized card transactions. follow the steps to configure the CVV settings.

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Interface at

Step 2: Click Account.

Step 3: Under Basic Fraud Settings, click Card Code Verification.

Step 4: Check or uncheck the box next to each CCV response code to intimate that you want to reject or accept any transactions with that AVS response

Step 8: Setting the Daily Velocity Filter

You can use the filter tool if you want to provide a threshold for the number of the transaction happening in per day. it helps to maintain a threshold for the number of transactions allowed per day. it is a useful tool for preventing high-volume attacks that are common with frequent transactions

You can follow these steps for configuring the Daily Velocity Filter,

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Interface at

Step 2: Click Account.

Step 3: Under Basic Fraud Settings, click Daily Velocity.

Step 4: Check the Enable Filter.

Step 5: Under Transaction Velocity Threshold, enter the number of transactions that you anticipate to process every day.

Step 6: Under Filter Actions, choose the action that you want to take on transactions submitted after you reach your transaction velocity threshold.

Step 7: Click Save.

Click Tools on the main toolbar and then click fraud Detection Suite. you can get here more information on AFDS.

Step 9: General Settings 

Use the following settings to customize your Authorize.Net account to facilitate the business process.

Authorize.Net account General Settings 

Settings of Time Zone  

Set your correct time zone for your business according to your location. You can use the Authorize.Net account to use the time zone in which your business is located. Setting the time zone enables transactions to help ensure that transactions, statements, and reports display the correct timestamp.

Here are some steps that you can follow and update the time zone.

1: Log in to the Merchant Interface at

2: Click Account.

3: Under General Information Settings, click Time Zone.

4: Choose the time zone from the drop-down menu.

5: Click Submit.

Transaction Cut-Off Time

The Transaction cut-off time is essential to specify the daily cut-off time for batched transactions to be processed for settlement. to be submitted to your processor for settlement. Once the cut-off time is over, Transactions submitted are sent to the processor after the cut-off time the following day. the default transaction cut-off time is 3:00 pm pacific time.

To update the transaction cut-off Time:

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Interface.

Step 2: Click Account.

Step 3: Under the General Information Settings, click Transaction Cut-Off Time.

Step 4: Choose the perfect cut-off time for your business from the hour, minute, and the a.m./p.m. drop-down menus.

Step 5: Click Submit.

Note: It is ideal to allow up to 24 hours for transaction cut-off times to update user administration.

User Administration 

In The User Administration, you can create unique user accounts, with distinct passwords and login IDs for other employees who need access to the Merchant Account. you can also customize permission for each user account to match each employee’s job responsibilities.

To create additional user accounts follow these steps :

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Interface.

Step 2: Click Account.

Step 3: Click User Administration.

Step 4: Click Add User.

Step 5: Choose the type of user, to add from the User Role drop-down menu. The default permissions associated with that role appear.

Step 6: You can also check or uncheck boxes next to permissions depending on what permissions you want to grant.

Step 7: Click Next.

Step 8: Create a login ID for the user. The Login ID must be at least six characters long and a combination of letters and numbers Note that account contacts do not have Merchant Interface access and do not have a login ID.

Step 9: Enter the user’s name, title, and also contact information.

Step 10: Check the types of email notification for the user receives

Step 11: Click Submit.

Step 12: When prompted, request and enter a valid PIN to complete the validation.

Step 13: A confirmation that the user is created will appear.

Step 14: The user receives an activation email with a link to activate at the email address added earlier.

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal enables you to submit payment transactions manually through the Merchant Interface. You can accept transactions from mail or telephone order sales. you can submit a payment card transaction for automatic settlement using the Virtual Terminal. follow these steps :

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Interface.

Step 2: Click Tools.

Step 3: Under the Select Payment Method, click  Charge a Credit Card.

Step 4: Under the Select Transaction Type, click Authorize and Capture.

Step 5: Under the Payment/Authorization Information section, enter the customer’s payment information.

Step 6: Under Order Information, enter the invoice number and a description of the order. (optional)

Step 7: Under Customer Billing Information, enter the customer’s name, ID, company, and billing address (optional)

Note that the transaction will be declined with AVS mismatch if you do not include the billing address and if you use the default AVS settings for your account.

Step 8: Under Shipping Information, check the same as information entered in Billing Information, or enter a new address for shipping the order.

Step 9: Click Submit.

If you are using CCV to verify the customer’s card code then click on Virtual Terminal Settings at the bottom of the Virtual Terminal, and check Card Code in the Required column, and click on Submit.


Now, we are at the end of our article, In this step-by-step guide, we told you how you can set up your account in an easy way.

Still, It is possible that you now have thousands of questions. Do not worry – this is normal. Let me know in the comment box.

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