weblog !! what is weblog and how it works.?


What is weblog..??

There is little confusion about writing weblog, we found that it would be correct as a weblog, but for some time we found it is written as web blog. In that case, we did google for it, we found both words are right.

Actually, weblog or web blog is a website that has a series of various entries in an order and has an update frequently with new information about a particular topic which is cover in the sites.



What is a Blog And How it does it work..?

Blog‘ is a short form of ‘weblog‘, actually, the blog is as a mini-site.where people used to record their personal experience, opinion, views, and much more like the photo, videos. Nowadays Blog has gained more merit and recognition, as long as the web has grown and changed.

Mean to be a blogger..?

As I already told you Blog Is a small website, but in actuality, its just not a small website its way to grow your business, Now days Blogging is a very big platform to grow your business.

Blogs allow you to communicate with a huge no. of the audience and spread the message, There are a lot of people who are enjoying the business thru Blog. Not only for businessman now days Blogging is a passion, where lots of people are earning a very good income from blog,

They are not Businessman they are just blogger, they have a good quantity of follower on his blog and earning very good income from Google Adsense or any other method which they liked.

so you can choose to blog as a full time or part time career.


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