Best Ways to Make Money Blogging


MAKE MONEY BLOGGING: As I told you in my previous ‘Blog‘. That, I’ll walk through a process how to ‘Make money blogging‘. It would be very helpful for those who just started the ‘Blogging’. And also for them who are thinking to start Blogging for money making.

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  How To Make Money  Blogging

I will tell you directly step by step how you can “Make Money Blogging” or exactly how you can make money from your Blog.

1. Set Up your Blog

2. Write a meaningful content

3. Make Numbers of reader and subscribers

4. Get engagement with the subscribers and readers

5. Start making money from selling product, service, any other income streams

it’s looks a cake walk on the surface, but each and every step so complicated, Every step required extraordinary skill.


In order to ‘money making blogging’ first you need set up a Blog. It’s a stumbling step for those who don’t have technical background nor very creative.

Don’t worry Friends most of the Blogger faced this problems in his starting face, i’m too.

If you need Any help for setup a Blog than mail me or comment directly i will help you.

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For Money making blog its very important to focus on its content,  without a content Blog is nothing. If you will search most successful blogger, you will watch they have focus blogging on a niche which they started to write. 

You should to select content niche as per your interest its totally upon you, When you select, keep writing on its, with lots of quality information which gave a change in people lives, thinking and gave them lots of knowledge so that they can trust on you. its very important for Make money blogging .


It’s a very important face for a blogger. You did all the things right up to here, But if you lose your concentration on this point all your hard work can go in wane.  you need to focus on this point very much, If you make a good content Blog then it will we little bit easy for you. Just Now you have to promote your blog for gating a numbers of readers and subscribers.

you can promote your Blog for free on Facebook , Google pluse , Twitter or many more site. and you can get Numbers pr readers and subscribers.

4. Get engagement with the subscribers and readers

After focusing on content and getting a numbers of readers and subscribers you have to notice, what your readers actually want from your Blog what they are searching in your Blog, Did they are gating same from your blog what they want or not. You should to make a list with interest wise of your readers. reach out with every possible way to those readers and subscriber personally and do every thing what you can do for them to keep them coming back on your Blog.


Oh yes! You completed all four steps care fully created Blog, Made a good focus content, a good readers and subscribers list with personal engagement. with this good foundation of blog now you are ready to Make Money from your Blog.

There are are lots of ways to make money from your blog, Now you have all quality of Money making blog so you can you can choose any of the way. to start ‘Money Making Blogging‘.

Here are the ways…

  1. Thru a ad network (e.g. google adsense, or any other which you like)
  2. Affiliate Marketing  (e.g.  Flipkart affiliate or any other which you like)
  3. Premium content
  4. Video advertise
  5. Donations
  6. Design and consulting.
  7. eBooks and course

Many more ways are there to make money,

In my next Blogs i will Tell you About These sources, how you can earn from these sources of money making blogging.

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