How to Start a Personal Blog! On WordPress Easy ways

So you want to start a Personal Blog..? That’s great! Blogging is not only a great pastime, but with a blog, you can express yourself in a unique way, help others with problems you’ve overcome, establish yourself as an expert, and even make money.

If you’re new to blogging, I believe this article really helps you to get started off in the right way and may also be helpful to avoid lots of mistakes.

So that! For Blog I am putting this page together for you, to give you a fast powerful guide to start a powerful Personal Blog on WordPress, If you have not any HTML knowledge no problem, I will tell you easiest way.

Ok! Here’s how to start a Personal Blog

  • Select a Blogging Platform.
  • Register For your domain name and hosting.
  • Setup Your Blog.
  • Make posts.
  • Stay Consistent
  • Build Your Audience
  • Make Money.

1. Select a Blogging Platform

How to Start a Personal BlogThere are lots of Platforms to start a Blog, But My favorite is WordPress, Not only mine, As you can see in the image taken from Google, most of the people around the world are using WordPress,

  • The most important thing about the WordPress is it’s  FREE for everyone to use, It’s Themes and layout Free for you.
  • Compare to any other platforms it’s super to use and easy to set up.
  • WordPress is providing hundreds of free themes and plugins, which gave you a lot of functionality for your blog,

hey it was just my recommendation about WordPress login if you want to use any other platform than you can use(e.g. Blogger, Tumbler much more) they all are good, yet WordPress is best.

2. Register For your Personal Blog domain name and hosting

Most important and exciting part, to set up a blog you required a Domain Name and Web hosting.

personal blog #Now the Quest is What is Domain Name..?

Any name Register in the DNS (Domain Name System) is a Domain Name, Actually domain name is an identification or name of your Personal blog, it would be at your blog address too, As my Domain is in this address “UKB190” is my Domain name and my Blog Address is above mention. Your address will be same except your Domain name e.g. For Domain name you have to pay a little Amount. But if you Follow my Article it’s very much possible you will get it FREE  or at a very low cost.

personal blog#The second Question is what is Web Hosting..?? 

Basically, Web hosting is a place for your blog and it’s content in the Weblog world. from where all world will access your content for reading, so without web hosting your personal blog is nothing.

In simple language Web hosting is a storage place all of your content, When someone searches for a particular topic than as per your blog rank web hosting survive your content to the user.

As someone search “what is Weblog..??” than my web hosting server will provide the data from my blog to search engine. and the search engine will provide my link  to the user for what is Weblog..??”

Same As someone search “How, and Why, to Make a Pinterest Friendly BLOG” than web hosting server will provide the data from Sarah blog to search engine. and the search engine will provide  a link  to the user for “How, and Why, to Make a Pinterest Friendly BLOG” 

I think! now you will understand properly, what is web hosting and why it is necessary.

Best Web Hosting For Serious WordPress Bloggers

3. From where you can get Domain name and host..?

There are Many different web hosting provider. but when you choose a hosting provider never forgot to check two things about it.

  1. Page load speed
  2. Uptime

Select your web hosting provider on these two point scale.

The most  famous web hosting provider  are Bluehost, Godaddy etc. and my recommendation is for Godaddy I am also using it

Hpersonal blogERE IS TIP FOR FREE DOMAIN NAME: Friends if you register with Godaddy for web hosting annual plan than you will get the free Domain name

4. Setup your personal blog

If you face any problem to register a Domain name or web hosting don’t worry contact us.

As above step you have registered a domain name and a web hosting now you have to setup your personal blog, here are the steps.

personal blog web hosting

Step 1: login your web hosting  cPanel your dashboard will be in front of you,

on this dashboard, you should click on Manage

web hosting personal blog Step 2: you will found lots of tap in cPanel, in Web Application tab you will find WordPress, as you click on it will take you in different window as Installatron , you will find there a tap with the name of  ” +install this application”. as you install it will take some time, and it will ask some information about you,

e.g. your id, password some more thing, and after all of this you will find WordPress Dashboard,

wordpress personal blog    Step 3: Now you are very close to starting your first post on your personal blog,

to set up on your blog First you have to  select a theme as per your niche,

and for more option, you can use some plugins e. g. I am using.

For SEO, Yoast Seo Plugins is best, most users of WordPress are using Yoast for SEO,

as per requirement, you can use different plugins for work, Opt-In Hound for the popup window.

Design your blog as per your requirement of them and your niche with the help of plugins.

5. Make posts

In WordPress dashboard left corner you will find a tab Post  click on that and click add new

wordpress new post personal blog

As you click on add new you will find upper window, where you have to mention your,

Post Title: as per your article keyword SEO Friendly.

Content: as per your niche write your content in the content area marked by a blue arrow.

Publish: when you finish your content then click on publish button, you also can see a preview if you want.

6. Stay Consistent

Once you started your personal blog you have to consistent on it, your readers and subscriber regularly want information, for that, you have to constantly write some valuable article so they can continue to you.

7. Build Your Audience.

when you write a consistently good article than Audience is not a big issue. The audience will come definitely on your blog, and it will help you to make money blogging.

Make Money

Now you have completed all your hard work, So Now you want to make money from your blog ok!

Countioue to Read: How to Make Money>>


We have told you, the best way to start blogging on WordPress, hope you like it! If you still have any question, let me know.

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  1. I just started blogging last week and you are absolutely correct that for mw WordPress is the perfect choice. I will be upgrading from free soon so am excited.

  2. I love how you explain all of this. It can be very daunting and confusing in the beginning but you write your instructions in an easy and readable way. Wish I had this when I first started. What I went through was frustrating. Thanks so much for sharing this! I hope new bloggers see this and know this is their option for an easier way of starting their blog:)

  3. I haven?¦t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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  6. Great article here. I’ve been running my healthcare blog for a few months and have just recently started to spend more time on it (learning wordpress, marketing strategies, etc). I’m noway near earning anything from it yet but with effort and time, hope to establish myself as a leading pharmacy blogger.

    I’ll defiantly be implementing some of the information here. Many thanks!

  7. I use strikingly and medium to do my blogs. But really should go to WordPress to take advantage of the additional marketing and data base availability. I enjoyed this article 😊

  8. Hi there! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with SEO? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains. If you know of any please share. Cheers!

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