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7 Telltale Signs of Facebook Addiction

Signs of Facebook Addiction

Signs of Facebook Addiction! Addiction to anything is bad, and Facebook is one of the most consumed Social-networking sites, is the most addictive site.

What you think you are addicted to Facebook or not?

I’m addicted to Facebook.

Facebook is designed to make us addicted? And these words are not mine.

A few months ago, I watched a video, Sean Parker making an appearance on digital news channel Axios. For those who don’t know, Sean Parker is the creator of Napster and the former President of Facebook.

During this interview with Axios, Sean Parker, the founder of Napster and former president of Facebook, said the thought process behind building the social media giant was: “How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?”

You can find the entire interview on for those interested in hearing Parker’s complete take.

However, when Facebook activities start interfering with your everyday life and become detrimental to your daily functioning at work or in school, you might have a problem.

Signs of Facebook Addiction

Here are some telltale signs of Facebook addiction you should take note of.

Oversharing On Facebook

Over-Sharing is one of the most dangerous sins of Facebook Addiction. At a time when many netizens are concerned over the issue of online privacy, it is strange to find that there are still many of us who voluntarily share information about our personal lives on Facebook.

I’m talking about the ones who overshare on Facebook. You know, give you the minute-by-minute detail of their lives and those who post endless selfies.

Oversharing on Facebook has become a problem. People are using platforms as their online diaries, broadcasting their personal grievances and details of their children’s lives for the entire world to see. I am going to drop some truth on you right now. The world does not care what your Elf on the Shelf did every night. The world does not care what your kids got for Christmas or their birthday (aside from maybe your family). The world honestly does not care about every detail of your life. Harsh? Yes, but those most vested in your life and that do care will do so offline.

oversharing on facebook

We all know overshare – you can be one and don’t know it (most don’t realize it). Everyone needs to think before posting them, whether they post once a month or once a day.

Checking Your Facebook Again And Again

Facebook can be a great tool for people to stay in touch, make new friends, and socialize effectively. Unfortunately, not everyone uses it. For many people, checking Facebook has become almost like a job. They post for choice, see what others are doing, and become almost obsessed with knowing what is happening everywhere at once.

Your brain wants to check Facebook every 31 seconds, even though it knows that it shouldn’t. This leads to the question: can you stop your brain from wanting to check Facebook?

Some scientists did a test on some students:

Here is the typical pattern of a student who is supposed to be studying but get distracted all the time. In blue, we see school work. In red, Facebook, and other social media. Does this look familiar?

7 Telltale Signs of Facebook Addiction

It is not that students do not want to study. School-related material really takes up a lot of this student’s time. But students simply cannot resist the temptation to check Facebook.

Highly Concerned For Facebook Image

If you ever spent more than fifteen minutes of your time thinking about what you ought to type for your status update? After you’ve decided on what you should update and posted it, do you eagerly anticipate how others will respond to it?

Not only this, once you post, you get restless waiting for others to comment or, like what you have posted and so you just keep watching whether there is a new notification or not. Keep checking your Facebook again to see.

Everyone likes to receive a comment or a positive comment but make sure you are not obsessed with it. At least, not in the virtual world. Many users suffer from low self-esteem because their updates do not outperform their close friends or relatives.

Obsessed About Reporting On Facebook

Most of us have seen friends in our network who almost certainly never fail to appear on your newsfeed. It could be some status update, check-in, posting of their photos, and such.

If you are one of these people, I think it is good to ask yourself the reason behind such ‘reporting’. To me, it seems to be a sign of passion, as if you need to do anything, no matter how normal or unimaginable, to do so in order not to allay your anxiety.

Preferred Facebook over your physical life

Have you ever mumbled a little after scrolling through Facebook?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by news and notifications. Maybe you’re depressed to have missed out on something. Maybe you’re anxious about the fact the carefully curated highlight reels of other people’s lives seem sparklier than your own.

A study from the United States claims to have proved something you’ve known all along: the more time you spend on Facebook, the worse you feel.

Facebook over your physical life

Research by: Holly Shakya, from the University of California, and Nicholas Christakis, from Yale University, says interacting with the service can decrease a person’s mental wellbeing by as much as eight percent.

It’s the first study to actually quantify the effect of Facebook on everyday life.

If you are compromising a good night’s sleep, a walk in the park, a cup of coffee with a close friend, a real-world get-together with friends, for Facebook, you are a Facebook addict.

At the end of the day your deeds, responsibilities, and obligations count rather than the number of likes you get on Facebook.

Spend More Than An Hour On FB. Every Day

Yes, If you are spending more than one hour on Facebook, you are a Facebook addict.

According to research from Deloitte, many open it first thing in the morning — as soon as they turn off their mobile alarm — before they even get out of bed.

That means instead of starting the day with human interaction like saying good morning to your partner, your mother, or even the coffee guy, increasing numbers of people start their day interacting with Mobile.

Over the years, various studies have proven social media use can detract from face-to-face relationships, reduce participation in meaningful activities, increase sedentary behavior, and generally grind down a person’s self-esteem.

Facebook is just another service and doesn’t let it become your daily habit.

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7 Telltale Signs of Facebook Addiction

Craziness To Add More Friends

How many friends you have on Facebook? The number of Facebook friends you have has somehow now become more of a symbol for a ‘higher’ social life. If you take a look at the number of friends your friend has managed to gather, and you simply keep on adding more people to your friends just to show off your social life, you are an addict.

Research done by psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University found that Facebook users with more friends on their network tend to be more stressed up when using Facebook. The more friends you have, the more you feel pressured to maintain appropriate etiquette for different types of friends while remaining entertaining.


Keep Facebook away for some time, go out, and experience the offline world by interacting face to face with your friends. You will realize how much more amazing it is than staring at your newsfeed throughout the day. When change can begin.

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