Hi friends here is your host and dost (friend) ‘UKB’with new topic First love…..
First love…
Why we can’t forget first love…..WHY..?
It’s a big deal yarr actually Na….??
When I got admitted in 6th till than I was thinking about this what is first love…,
But I never got the answer actually, what is first love..?
But all of sudden one day my girl friend asks me, I am going to marriage  as per my parents, than I feel what is first love…..?
Did you feel ever…??
Actually I fell it after that, when I lose HER…
But after that there was nothing, she was getting marriage; it was truth only of my love…
Hey friends if you are in love than please don’t waste your time ask her/him because if you will waste your time than it’s not a big deal you will become a history, some other one will get that chance..
And Then you will find only pain as a answer may be shehe will tell, you are late little bit dear just before some time he/she ask me, DO YOU LOVE ME..??/ I LOVE YOU LOT…, and now I committed with him/her..,
Than you will feel what you lost in your life,….?
Because after that you can think only how was she/he..
And you are thinking still about him/her it’s first love actually…
So only we called we can’t forget our first love..,
Hey friends I don’t want you will think only about your first love ,I want you will stay forever with your first love, so just go and tell them at least once how much love you him/her so only she/he will know about your love na….
Don’t wait for him/her indication just go and propose him/her na …gooooo……..,
God bless you…
Will you both together all time…