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Inspiration ideas for a blog post that will delight you

 ideas for a blog post

What do you do, when the motivation for your blog post is low? What is the solution to a general lack of ideas for a blog post writer?

Hey, Have you felt ever?

Have you ever sat down to stare at your computer screen to write your up-and-blog post?

Every writer or blogger will encounter a lack of inspiration every now and then. You’ll be staring at your screen, not knowing what to write about. Nevertheless, you are determined to write those blog posts on a regular basis.

Inspiring ideas for your blog post

In this post, I will give you tips to find inspiring ideas for your blog post writing.

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1. Blogging Idea from Internet Browsing

Browse around the internet to find new and fresh content, different from what you used. Reading other articles may inspire you to write your own article. Internet browsing will really help you find inspiration for the article you need to write.

2. Keep a list of ideas for a blog

Make a habit of preparing a list for those days in which you are feeling a lack of motivation. you can make this list on your mobile or you can carry a small pocket diary. So, every time you think of a good idea, include that blog idea on your list. You can use these ideas on some inspirational days.

3. Search your most successful posts on Google

Searching your own post on Google is the most inspiring thing for Blogger Ethical. When an author writes a post. Its purpose is to get space for an article on Google’s first page. As soon as you find your post on Google First Page, you will get a huge inspiration to write a new post.

There is another angle to do this. When you search the title of that specific post and see what will result in Google. Hope you find your article. If not, you will need to do some SEO work. (This means that you have your SEO test result.)

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4. Get Help From Your Reader for blogging ideas

The most common way is to get help from readers for inspiration ideas for blog posts. Because you are writing posts for them only.

It will also help you to increase your website traffic and also you will get your reader’s faith as you are solving their problems and including their ideas in your own article. They will feel a little personal attachment to you.

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5. Get Ideas for a Blog Post from a Survey

The survey is also known for blogging ideas, there are plenty of social media platforms to use for a survey for free. You will feel motivated to write after getting a topic from Survey.

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6. Ask your partner

Your Partner can play a big role in your writing motivation. If he likes your writing method then you can take it as an inspiration. If not, you can take it as a challenge. In both the case, you will fell inspiration for blog writing.


Hope, Now finding inspiration ideas for blog post writing is not really hard. Try one of my tips you will feel so.

Let me know, which tips you like most! Good Luck!

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