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How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research

Social Media for Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important part for a blogger, did you know, you can use social media as a keyword research tool:

Every time when people search on Google or any other search engine, they actively want answers or solutions to their problems.

But when people use social media and search with the hashtag they want more conversation on that topic so that they can get each and every information.

Did you feel that?

Now more people are searching and posting with the hashtag on social media.

This means that you now have more opportunities and data to stabilize your keyword research for your targeted audience.

let’s get started.

Social media for keyword research

1. Use Quora for keyword research

Quora is a gold mine for the keyword. Because when you choose a topic from Quora it means that you are focusing on the questions or problems of your customers/readers.

And that is the aim of keyword research, Your customers/readers will automatically love your content because you have a solution for them.

When you visit Quora, you will find lots of questions to answer, you can choose according to your niche and give a detailed answer.

2. Use Facebook Ad Targeting Options

Have you ever used Facebook ads options for your website? because Facebook provides you so many options to dig into an audience’s:

If you use you can see Facebook will provide you options, like:

  • Geography
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Relationship Status
  • Languages
  • Education
  • Workplaces

After using these options you can pinpoint your audiences. after a successful campaign, you will get a  pinpoint result about your audience,

Except for this, you can create a Facebook Business page or group, you can ask there from your audience what they expect from you.

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3. Follow Twitter Hashtag

You should follow those hashtags on twitter who are related to you and your business or you can search with those hashtags.

Now you will get so many questions related to those hashtags,  these questions can become keywords or Ideas for your next blog.

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4. Pinterest & Instagram Hashtag

Same method you can use for Pinterest and Instagram Hashtag.

how to use Social Media for Keyword Research

Benefits of using Social media for keywords research 

There are so many benefits of using social media for keyword research>>

1. Real-Time Data

The most important benefit of social media keyword is that will be from real-time data, not a single tool is there can provide you such type of data.

2. How people are using that term (Keyword)

The second benefit is that you will be able to know exactly how people are using it, this is only possible through social media.

Example, If you will search for a keyword like “sweet” now with the help of social media you can found what people are talking about, sweet car or sweet dish,

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I hope this guide will give you a much better idea about Social media for Keyword Research, now you can rank your blog with more power and with good SEO ideas.

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