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How to start blogging site with blogger?

Blog on BlogSpot

Start a blog on BlogSpot! If you are looking for ways to start a free blog, I recommend you consider using the blogger blogging platform as it is not only easy to set up, but you can start making money from AdSense as well.

Here is a one-stop guide for you to start blogging with blogger and earn money from AdSense. Before you dive into the details, we will first answer some important questions.

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Is Blogger completely free?

Google’s popular, easy-to-use blogger is a free publishing platform, When you create your blog on Blogger, you will automatically get a BlogSpot domain.

Can I use AdSense on Blogspot blogs?

Yes, you can make money from Blogspot blogs. Even though Blogger blogging platform allows you to create blogs, at the same time, it will also help you monetize your blogs through Google AdSense or through Propeller ads.

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What if I don’t have a Gmail account?

Blogger is a product of Google, so you need a Google Account to sign in to Blogger.

How to get more exposure to my Blogspot blog?

Increasing the exposure of your Blogspot blog is really important because it can make or break your blogging success. If you want to get more traffic, links and shares on your blog posts, be sure to follow the authority bloggers in your blog.

And start engaging with them on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to share your stuff often with your followers and focus on increasing your social media followers as well.

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Will Blogger be shut down?

No, Google has no plans to discontinue its Blogger service.

What is Blogger’s policy?

For Blogger policy Please follow.

How to start a blog on BlogSpot steps to start blogging?

Start blogging with Blogger is really easy. I will give you a few easy instructions and follow them accordingly.

  1. Sign up for
  2. Enter a name for your blog.
  3. Start creating new blog posts.
  4. Monetize your blog with Google Adsense or with Propeller ads.

#Sign up for

As we already told you, Blogger is a product of Google, so you need a Google Account to sign in to Blogger.

If you don’t have it yet.

Create a Gmail account first.

You must log in to your Google account,

Now, go to the home page and sign up.  Star from here

#Enter a name for your blog

Type the blog title you want to name your blog in the title box. And just enter the blog domain address, will automatically be added after your blog address. If the domain address is already taken, you will see a yellow box.

start blogging site with blogger

Be sure to come up with a unique name and select a template from the options given in the same box. You can choose many more templates and customize your blog later.

You have successfully started a blog on Blogger within 5 minutes. Congratulations. Now we will move on to the next steps.

#Start creating new blog posts

Click the button “Create New Post”  on the left side to create a new blog post. Enter the post title and start writing content that you want.

new post on blogger

#Monetize your blog with Google Adsense or with Propeller ads

Once you are started getting a decent amount of visitors from search engines to your Blogspot blogs, you can apply for Google AdSense or Propeller Ads to start making money.

Here we are showing Adsense set up for you, Click on earning>>show ads on blog click yes>> pick display ads to below my post and sidebar. (follow image)

adsense setup on blogger

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We told you ‘how to start blogging site with blogger step to start blogging?’ and we think that creating a blog on Blogspot blogging platform is the best way to start your blogging journey.

You will begin to understand all the technical terms related to blogging such as SEO, themes, plugins, optimizations and more.

We hope this detailed guide on creating a free blog on the Blogspot blogging platform helps you not only to start a blog but also helps you start making money online.

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