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How to make money from blogspot

How to make money from blogspot

Hey, You are here to Know ‘How to make money from Blogspot’?


We know that nowadays people prefer to make money online. You want to make money, don’t you? of course, you do.


The way most people find it easy to earn money online is through blogs. Blogging is indeed a proven way of making money.

I can say that anyone working hard can make money from blogging.

Let’s Start:

What to do to earn money from Blogspot

1. Start BlogSpot Blog

Blogging is a great way to not only make money but also boost your online impact. So if you are looking for ways to make money from a blog, then this detailed guide is for you.

Here’s a one-stop guide for people to create a free blog on Blogspot and start making money.

2. Setting up SEO for BlogSpot Blog

After starting a free blog you will need to do SEO settings for your BlogSpot blog.

This guide will help you in setting up your BlogSpot SEO.

3. Increase BlogSpot Blog Traffic

As you know Blog traffic is most important for blog income. More traffic means more revenue. This guide will help you after implementing effective SEO strategies to boost your organic traffic.

4. Promote your blog 

Remember promotion is the key to success, the more you promote your blog, the more success you will get, and in a very quick time.

Our guide will help you find quick ways to promote your blog free.

make money from blogSpot

It does not matter why you are blogging, to make money, or by a hobby or business blog. But with your hard work in the right way, you can make enough to support your family and more.

Let’s look inside and see how you can make a profit with your blog.

How to make money from Blogspot

1. Monetize with the ad networks

One of the most common ways bloggers make money is to advertise on their site. There are two popular types of advertising:

  • CPC / PPC Ads
  • CPM advertising

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And the most popular networks for placing these types of ads are Google AdSense and Propeller Ads.

Our guide will help you to learn both these programs.

2. Include affiliate links in your BlogSpot Blog

Affiliate marketing is also a very popular way for the blogger to make money from a blog. You can put banners on your site or you can include affiliate links in your blog post.

You should link an affiliate link in your post, just like we link with related words for our respective posts, simple.

SEMrush Affiliate Program

If you don’t know how to get an affiliate link, our detailed guide will help you:

3. Use BlogSpot as a Content Marketing Tool

You can use your blog as a content marketing tool that will drive visitors to your business website.


Yes, You Can.

Okay, here is a blog example, who is using their blog as  a content marketing tool:

Do you know ‘Neil Patel’?

If, you will search for Neil.

Who Is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel is an author, entrepreneur, marketer, and blogger. He enjoys helping small and medium businesses. (From About Page Neil Patel)

Why I am talking About Nail?

Because Nell is a digital marketing entrepreneur, using his blog as a content marketing tool and making billions.

If you visit their blog, you will find that all their posts will guide you to buy their SEO tool ‘UBERSUGGEST’. (A Good tool For keyword research)

This tool is free with limitations. But Still, Nail Is making money. (You Can Visit Nail Patel Site Here!)

So you too can use the blog as a content marketing tool to make money from a blog.

4. Sell E-Books

If you are a blogger and master of your field, there is nothing better than selling ebooks on your site. People make a lot of money by selling their own ebooks on their site.

Here is a blog example, who is making money by selling ebooks.

Do You know Harsh Agrawal?

Harsh Agrawal is an Indian blogger who is making a lot of money by selling eBooks on his own site and on Amazon.”

Maybe you are one who doesn’t know him by his name but if you are a blogger then you definitely know about his site ‘ Shout me’. (You Can Visit Nail Patel Site Here!)

Still, so much opportunity left for you form making money from ebooks selling.

5. Sell ​​space on your site for advertising

If you have enough traffic to your site then definitely advertisers can come directly to you and ask you to place your ad on their site. You can also contact advertisers yourself.


I hope this guide will give you a much better idea about “Make money from Blogspot”, now you can earn from your blog with more power and with good ideas.

The way to make money may be different for us but maybe the goal will be the same. Tell us your way which you like most. 

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  1. When I started my blog I had no idea there were so many opportunities to monetize. I just enjoy doing it. It has been a great experience learning about all these possibilities.

  2. These are all great ways to make some extra cash. Just remember, you still have to work your blog and build content. That is what makes advertisers want to use you.

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