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Make a blog for money! Blogging for money is no longer difficult. You need to have famous or required huge traffic on your blog because how much money you make from your blog will depend to some extent on both these factors. You can make money if you can come up with valuable or entertaining content. Start making money from your blog using one or more ideas.

Today I would like to give you every step that you need to follow to create a blog, grow it and learn how to make a blog for money.

So let’s start and move on to how to make a blog and teach you how to become a blogger.

How to make money blogging?

You have to go through some basic steps before you can start making money from a blog.

Not only you, but all bloggers who earn money from blogs also followed these steps to earn money.

Here is how to make a blog for money:

  1. Start your blog.
  2. Create useful content.
  3. Find readers for your blog.
  4. Build engagement with the readers that come.
  5. Start making money from the readership.

There are a variety of income streams,

Sound’s so easy, doesn’t it?

Some of the steps are simple, but you need to know that there is so much for each step, I will share with you some tips below, including some more reading.

Here is how to make quick money with a blog:

#Start your Blog

To make money you will need to create a blog

If you need a little help I would highly recommend you to read my article on how to start a blog in which I will tell you through the steps that you need. It really isn’t as hard as you might think!

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#Create useful content

Spread the thoughts inside yourself. If you want to create a blog, you do not need a revolutionary idea. But, your blog needs to be focused on something special.

Remember that each and every idea, no matter how good, is truly unique.

But, you have unique experiences and you probably have a vibrant personality that will attract others like your family and friends.

When it comes to choosing your blog niche, I would recommend you to read my article ‘Profitable Niche Ideas’ in which I will tell you through the steps that you need.

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start a blog

#Find readers for your blog

You create the most useful content.

It can probably be very easy to keep your attention so that you can focus and spend most of your time creating your blog.

Many bloggers have made it and they will ‘come to mindset’ with their blogging but it is a bit difficult.

If you want to make money from your blog, you not only need to focus on building a great blog,

But it also requires that you get out of your blog and start promoting it.

There are many ways to experiment with growing your blog’s traffic, I would recommend you to read my article ‘Best way to promote your website’ in which I will tell you through the steps that you need.

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#Build engagement with the readers that come

With a consistent focus on creating great content and finding readers for your blog, you will start paying attention to the people who come to your blog and engage with your content.

At this point, you have to focus on connecting with those readers and building community.

Respond to comments, reach out to those readers via e-mail and do everything, so they can keep them coming back again and again.

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#Start making money from the readership

You Completed Steps to starting a blog, creating content, finding readers, and building engagement with readers are important foundations that you really need to get in place before you are able to make a long-term income for your blog.

With these foundations, you are ready to start making money from your blog.

ways to make mony

Ways to make a blog for money

Here are the top 5 ways to make quick money blog:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Services
  • Consulting/Coaching
  • Books and Ebooks


Advertising is one of the common methods to earn from a blog,

There are 2 ways to earn from advertising.

  • You can monetize your blog with an ad serving agency like Google Adsense, propeller ad network.
  • You can find direct advertisers, who are willing to pay you to advertise their product.

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Affiliate Marketing

As per Wikipedia “Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”.

Affiliate marketing is the second-highest source of income for bloggers.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, visite Affiliate Marketing tab in the header section,

you will find in more detail.

Post for you:


One common way that many bloggers make money is by offering services to their readers. These can be coaching and consulting, copywriting, design, training or anything else for Freelance Services.


While this is not a cup of tea for everyone, with a little coaching or phone consultation, you can make amazingly good money even when your audience is small.

Books and Ebooks

Selling ebooks is not a bad idea as a blogger it is a good source of income, Manny bloggers are earning most of the earing from ebooks.

money making blogging

Most Popular Ebooks:


If you like writing, write.

Not only for the money, but it is a good way to connect people who need you.

Teach them what you know.

Thanks for reading! Just do one thing for me “Share This Article” I would love your comments too.

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  1. Great step by step guide. It’s not easy or quick to make money from a blog but with alot of hard work and determination, it can be so, so rewarding.

  2. What an interesting read, filled with lots of helpful information. Lots of bloggers are searching for ways to monetize their site, and this article might be able to give them some insights. ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  3. Monetizing your blog is a wise idea but it takes time and patience. Success isn’t overnight. Consistency is the key.

  4. Those are amazing tips for starting a money-making blog. I am not sure that making quick money is a very realistic goal with blogging, but those steps will definitely lay the right foundation!

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