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How to create payment form [WPForms]

Do you want to accept credit card payments with the Authorize.Net payment form on your WordPress site?

WPForms has a solution for online payment. With this new addon, you can now easily create Authorize.Net payment forms in WordPress that accept credit cards, signature debit cards, and other online payments right on your website. With the right WordPress plugins, it’s easy; No matter which payment platform you want to use on your site. You can easily create Authorize.Net payment forms in WordPress that accept credit cards right on your website.

WPForms can help that time. When you’re collecting donations or selling products and services. To collect a payment, all you need to do is connect WPForms to Authorize.Net and then set up your form. Using this method gives you all the protection of Authorize.Net’s payment processing and anti-fraud systems.

So through this article, You will know the process of creating your Authorize.Net Payment Form in WordPress.

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How to create payment form [WPForms]

Install WPForm Plugin

First thing you need to visit the Plugins » Add New page inside your WordPress admin area.

Find the plugin by typing the plugin name [WPForms] you are looking for.

The WPForms plugin is a great option for building forms with payment processing. And I suggest you use it.

After installing and activating the plugin, you take just a few minutes to create a form.

Generate a new form

Firstly you have to visit the new WPForms menu that appears in your WordPress dashboard. Here you will have two buttons available to add a new form to your site. payment WPForms form

After clicking any of the two buttons, You will reach the best part of WPForms. you will see the form builder!

You’ll see the setup page, inside the form builder. Firstly you have to give your form a name. and for-get started you have to choose the Billing/Order Form option.


The billing form will give you a helping hand and show you how to work WPForms for accepting payments. but if you want to use a blank form, so you can use it.

Annex the payment fields

You will get the default billing form after the page reloading. In which the payment form will include a handful of basic fields for info like the customer’s name, email, and address. And most importantly, you’ll find a couple of payment fields at the bottom.

Wpforms payment fields

On the image shown above as an example the user would select any of the three available items to purchase, As soon as the user selects the item, the Total Amount will update live.

Each field in WPForms is fully configurable, and here you can see how prices are set in the available item fields:

how prices are set in wpforms

To select a product or service WPForms provides four different ways for visitors, An additional field to display the total order based on what they want to buy and their choice.

Here you have a simple order form that allows customers to choose a product and see the total they are given. Definitely, you can keep only one item if you want, but the price will be constant.

To get paid, the next step is to combine the actual payment processing.

Combined payment processing

When you finished designing the form, Now The time has come to focus your attention on payment processing integration.

Here, we will see the Fields section in WPForms. Now, click on the Payments tab in the left sidebar and you will get options to integrate your form with both PayPal and Stripe.

wpforms options to integrate your form with both PayPal and Stripe

The pro plan in WPForms includes both of these additions. Stripe is a more modernized solution. which does not require customers to leave your site to make purchases.

For example, we proceed with a strip.

First, you need to install the Striped WPForms extension. It is packaged as a plugin and can be uploaded just like any other plugin.

After the Stripe plugin is installed, you will have its options added to the Payment section of the Settings menu.

WPForms Setting

Now, Configure a few secret keys to connect your WordPress site to Stripe. For this, you need to just copy and paste a few keys and you’re ready to go ahead.

Back in the form builder, the following options become available for Stripe once the extension is installed and configured.

In here you will not get much to do. Only a few options will be available here like, Check a box to enable Stripe, and have to choose how to deliver the receipt email to customers.

When a customer selects the item they want to buy, WPForms automatically takes the total price and returns it to Stripe. When they submit the form, a Stripe popup will be displayed and all customers will have to do is enter their credit card information.

And with this, you will have a user-friendly form that can accept payments!

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