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How to add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress blog post

How to add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress blog post

Hey, You are here to Know ‘How to add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress blog post’?


As we know the Amazon Associates program is an effective way to create additional income (money).

And adding Amazon Affiliate Links to your existing WordPress blog is an opportunity to monetize your existing Blog traffic.

But you should know: Blogging and affiliate marketing is not for overnight success, but you can earn a good income with a combo of these two with time and planning.

To earn from Affiliate marketing you should require an Amazon Associates/Affiliate Account.

If You Required A guide for the for Opening an Associates Account Follow Link:

Guide for Amazone Associate Account opening>>

Amazon Affiliate

Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Your WordPress Post:

I hope, You have completed the first step as joining the affiliate program.

Now it’s time to learn how to add Amazon affiliate links to your Posts/Blogs.

Let’s get started.

1. Enable Sitestripe

SiteStripe is a very useful tool for you, it will help you to create your own affiliate link from Amazon pages.

So after logging into your Amazon Associate account first enable your SiteStripe tool.

How to Enable Amazon SiteStripe?

amazon sitestripLog in to your Amazon Associate Account >> Drag your cursor over the tools tab >> Click on SiteStripe in Drop Down Menu >> Enable SiteStripe

How to Enable Amazon SiteStrip?

In case you did not found Display Status Tab Click on Learn More Text. (In Amazon Intro text)

2. Create Affiliate Links

Amazon Product link Tab

Now move your Cursor to Product Linking Tab and Click On Product Link.

Here simply just search your product or click on the suggested product to getting Link.

amazon affiliate get link window

It will take you on Amazon’s main site. (In between it can ask for Your Amazon Log in Password)

(Note: All this process will work only when you enable SiteStipe, otherwise you can follow the same procedure given in Guide for Amazone Associate Account opening>>)

3. Link Amazon Affiliate Links to Your WordPress Blog

Amazon SiteStrip

You will get this simple dashboard now with SiteStripe To Simplify Your Work.

From the Search Area, you can search for available products. Amazon will present you with relevant products Page based on the keywords you entered.

If you want to link the whole page, just move your cursor to the SiteStripe get link area, and click ‘Text’.

Affiliate link page type text

You will find the link associated with your selected page. (Use Short Link)

Now copy this link, and insert (add) it to your respective blog as we do for the normal ‘text’ link to add related post link or page link.

[Remember in case of page link; Image and image + text term will not work.]

Now Select One Product from your search page or search a different one.

Do the Same Process for Putting a ‘Text’ Link, As we did for Page ‘Text’ Link.

In case you want to put an Image Link In Your Blog Post Then Select Image in place of ‘Text’.

Amazon associate link window

After that, click on the Highlight HTML, and copy the highlighted link to place on your website.

Now, go to your WordPress dashboard and open the editor for the post you want to add the link to. Click on the HTML tab and insert the Amazon affiliate link where you want it to appear on your page.

After saving the changes, you will see the product picture (same as) shown in the preview.

You can add this code to your blog sidebar or footer area with the use of a text widget.

(Note: For Image+Text Option Follow the same pattern as Image option, It will show you little text with image.)

4. Add Amazon banner In WordPress Blog

In addition to adding a direct product page or product, you can stick some banners between your blog or in the widget area of ​​your blog to promote your Amazon affiliate link.

Again move your Cursor to Product Linking Tab and Click On Banners in Place of Product Link.

You will find many custom banners in different sizes with HTML code you like the most.

amazon affiliate banners

Click on the Highlight HTML button, and copy the highlighted link to place on your website.

(After that, Follow the same pattern as we suggest for Putting Image Link in the post and in widgets area.)


It is always a good idea to make more money. The Amazon Associates Program can help you earn revenue by adding affiliate links to your WordPress posts. And with the right strategy, you can improve how you position your link to increase profits.

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