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Top Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

Content marketing strategy is not just the creation and distribution of content.

It is a well-rounded strategic approach that allows you to attract and engage with a clearly defined audience and ultimately, generate profitable customer action.

By following the guide below, you will have the in-depth information needed to develop a great content marketing strategy for your business.

Content Marketing Strategy

Knowing These 6 Secrets Will Make Your Content Marketing Look Amazing

  1. Define the objective of your content
  2. Focus on the headlines
  3. Make your content super actionable
  4. Create engaging and original content
  5. Always include videos and pictures
  6. Appeal to your audience’s emotions

Before you dive into the details, we will first answer some important questions.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a long-term strategy focused on building a strong relationship with your target audience by delivering high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis.

Wikipedia says: Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

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Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing helps improve conversions because it allows you to connect and educate your leads and customers.

You are not only working to build trust and relationships, but you are also encouraging conversions by giving consumers the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision.

What is a content strategy?

Content strategy focuses on planning, manufacturing, distribution, and governance of content. The content includes not only the words on the page but also the images and multimedia used.

Now, we will discuss all the 6 points in detail.

1. Define the objective of your content

The first and most important thing you ever do with your pen before touching the paper or touching your fingers is to define the purpose of your content.

If you do not have a definite goal for your content, not only will you write an inconsistent piece, but you will also have difficulty marketing it in the proper channels.

You must set several goals before churning the content.

  • Decide how you will use this material to grow your business.
  • Once you have determined how it will be used, set a specific goal for the content.
  • Develop a core message that is complimented through all your content.
  • Identify and analyze your competition.

Keep things as simple as possible, and you are more likely to succeed.

Know your audience interest:

If you don’t know who you’re writing for, you’re going to end up writing pointless content. Failure to know your audience Intrest is a failure to execute a successful content marketing campaign.

Why and when failure happens:

Failure can occur either before launch or during the initial stages of a content marketing plan.

The content is for the visitor, not just your brand. The only way you can survive is that visitors are actually reading and interacting with the content.

If you do not have a target audience, you do not know what to write, how to write, or how to address a vague and uncomplicated entity of “non-audience”.

2. Focus on the headlines

The Headline is the first thing people see when it comes to your writing. They will either attract or bore the attention of readers and site visitors.

Therefore you need to correct them. Your potential customers will make their first impression of your brand from them.

So your headline should not focus on selling to the reader. Instead, they should entice and attract readers to finish the entire article.

You must also ensure that your headline is an accurate representation of your article and your company’s values.

3. Make your content super actionable

Actionable content is content that can be easily implemented by readers. In other words, these are the types of content that readers find informative, relevant, entertaining, and unique.

One of the best examples of actionable content is the ‘how-to’ terms.

Actionable content not only explains what to achieve but also tells the reader how to achieve it.

As the target audience can execute the steps smoothly after reading it, actionable content can attract loads of traffic and generate more leads.

How to Create Actionable Content?

As actionable content is meant to engage your target audience, it will vary from niche to niche. However, some common features of actionable content that everyone needs to remember are:

  • Don’t Just Tell What To Do, Explain How To Do
  • Quote Famous Niche Personalities and Industry Experts
  • Use Visuals (Images and Videos)
  • Innovate
  • Answer the Most Common Questions or Issues
  • Write with Personal Touch
  • Include Real-Life Examples to Build Trust

4. Create engaging and original content

Throwing around the word ‘attractive’ has become a mainstay of the content marketing industry these days.

What I Mean engaging means.

Engaging content is written in a conversational form. If I hear a strong voice or feel like I’m being spoken to directly, I become engaged. Strong writing will always draw me in. However, if the content is too formal or stiff, I immediately lose interest. I prefer to read something addressing me directly with lots of ‘you’ and ‘your’ sprinkled around.

5. Always include videos and pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The University of Maryland has conducted research in eye-tracking and visual marketing and found that the human mind responds to visuals more than text. In fact, about 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing.

Top social media networks such as Pinterest and Instagram thrive because the primary form of content that can be uploaded, shared and distributed is visual.

When creating content of any form, use visual assets such as infographics, videos, Slideshare presentations or interactive content.

Marketing Strategy

6. Appeal to your audience’s emotions

As long as we try to be logical and rational, we are all emotional beings to some extent.

If you can build an emotional connection with your audience, I can guarantee that your content will have a significant impact.

Examples of Emotional Appeals

Children are often not excluded as appealing to emotions. From photos of starving children, inspire people to make donations to use as an excuse to ban things that even children should not know.

They repeatedly parade in front of the audience to appeal their emotional protective instincts, often overcoming someone’s sense of belonging.

“For the children” or “think of the children” as emotional appeals have been used with success in passing political emotions such as Proposition Hate in California.

Knowing These 6 Secrets Will Make Your Content Marketing Look Amazing #Contentmarketing #marketing Click To Tweet

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Writing is not for everyone. However, if you decide to make a difference in the world, writing is probably one of the best ways to do this.

Bloggers and content marketers know the importance of well-crafted content. Material that is not easy to make. But you can do it by following the strategies here.

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