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BlogSpot SEO Tips and setting for blogger SEO Tips and setting for the blogger! Have you created a free Blogspot blog and looking to learn SEO techniques to optimize your blog?

If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place (

SEO is a very important part of Blogging. To get that flow of traffic from search engines you need to optimize your blog and without SEO it is very difficult to generate traffic from search engines.

When we talk about optimizing blogs, optimizing WordPress blogs is easier than Blogger. In WordPress, you can use plugins to make the task a lot easier. But as Blogger is an independent platform, it has its own limitations and can only be adapted to a certain extent.

Every free platform has its own set of pros and cons and if you are new to blogging, you can use Blogspot to gain experience, learn basic techniques, and then go to the WordPress blog.

Using these basic SEO tips and setting, you can make your blog more search engine friendly and increase the visibility of your blog. SEO Tips and setting for blogger Search Engine Optimization 

How to enable Blogspot advanced SEO settings?

I have seen so many people ask, How do I get my blog to the top of Google?

If you are one of them.

All answers are here for you.

Here I will tell you about all the new SEO options which are added by the Blogger team.

You have to enable all the settings one by one, and my suggestion is to read this guide seriously else wrong settings eg. BlogSpot Robots.txt may lead to the complete de-indexing of your blog.

Log in to your Blogger dashboard and click settings and follow step by step>>

1. Blogger basic setting

In this tab of the Blogspot setting you can edit, Blogger Site Title, site Meta Description, and Blog Address.

(In below image you can see my other site setting, If you love Indian food you can visit From HERE>>)

Blogspot basic setting for seo

Here are some Q&A Related to Blogger Basic Setting>

#How do I title my blog? or Can I change my blog title on Blogger?

Steps to Edit your Blog name in Blogger

Click on setting option from the left side menu, then select the basic option. Now click on edit option and enter your blog name or new blog name.

#How long should a blog post title be?

Focus on keeping the title under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results.

#What is a site Meta description?

The site meta description text does not appear on your site – it is used by search engines and displays in search engine results. The site description is information about your site and encourages people to visit your site.

#How do I write a meta description of Blogger?

Steps to Edit your Blog description in Blogger

Click on setting option from the left side menu, then select the basic option. Now click on edit option and enter your blog description. (As shown in the above image).

#What is the Blogger blog address?

Your blog address, also known as your blog URL, is what people use to access your blog. It’s what they type in the address bar of their web browser to go to your blog. is an example of a blog URL.

Underline part you will select and will automatically be added to your address.

#How do I create a blog address on Blogger?

Steps to Edit your Blog URL in Blogger

Click on setting option from the left side menu, then select the basic option. Now click on edit option and enter your blog URL. (As shown in the above image).

2. Blogger Posts, Comments, and sharing settings

For SEO blogger posts, comments, and sharings setting ae here.


In the post section, you can select how many posts you want to show on the main page. as I selected 1.

Through the comment section, you can set who can comment? and comments moderation.

To avoid spam comments you can choose as I choose shown in the image above.

Here are some Q&A Related to Blogger posts, comments, Setting

#What is comment moderation?

Comment moderation is a feature that allows you to prevent comments from appearing on your site without your express approval. Moderation can be very useful in addressing Comment Spam, but it has more general applications as well.

3. Blogger Email, Language, and Formatting settings:

In my view, there is no need to change in the email section, and in the language and formatting section, you can fill all fields easily. All belong to the time and time zone.

4. Blogger Search Preferences settings

Dive into World of BlogSpot Search preference settings. look into all the features one by one and my suggestion implement it on your blog for better search engine optimization of your Blogger blog.

#Meta Tag description

In this section, you will be explaining what your blog is about. An informative description within 150 characters including keywords will help readers to understand your blog and will help you to get more click from the search engine result page. Also, from the SEO perspective, I would suggest you use your main keyword here in BlogSpot meta tags description.

blogger Meta Tag description

Continue to Read About: Best Free ‘Keyword Research Tools’>>

#Blogger Custom robots.txt header tags Settings

It is an Important section for SEO Settings. If you don’t know about the ‘blogger robots.txt header tag’ file Just leave it as it is. Do not touch it.

You don’t know about it.?

Don’t worry I am here for you.

I will show you how I did this for me. you just follow as it is. ( shown in the image below).

Blogger Custom robots header tags Settings

Use the given image and do the same as it is. Click all boxes carefully and save changes. These settings will be helpful for your website ranking.

#Blogger Custom robots.txt Settings

This is one part of the new BlogSpot SEO setup, use it carefully. A wrong, settings may lead to deindexing of a big part of your site.

A Robots.txt file is used to stop search engine bots from crawling the “Not so important” part of your website ranking. For example, Search pages, archive pages, and so on.

If you are new to Robots.txt, Don’t worry I will give you a very simple idea to add it.

you just simply write this>>

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

with your sitemap.

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blogger seo

# What is a sitemap On the website?

site map is a model of a website’s content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site. A site map can be a hierarchical list of pages organized by topic, an organization chart, or an XML document that provides instructions to search engine crawl bots.

# How do I create a sitemap for Blogger?

open your site and after your site URL write /sitemap.xml

( and press entre.

blogger sitemap

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I hope this guide will give you a much better idea about SEO, now you can rank your blog with more power and wit good SEO ideas.

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